Saturday 31 December 2022

Glanglish - Contents

The weekly essay - with audio
Chiral asymmetries - with audio
Wallpaper - with audio
The knife's deity - with audio
Ludwig van who? - with audio
Rubbish - with audio
The new Jesuits - with audio
Systemic dis-ease - with audio
Weird messages - with audio
Looking at glass - with audio
Placing words in English - with audio
The plane truth - with audio
Meta-physicality - with audio
Accidents and substance - with audio
Colonising names - with audio
The crown in the jewel - with audio
The Turing point - with audio
Thoughts for your pennies - with audio
Repeatability - with audio
Intraviewing - with audio
Socratic wisdom - with audio
Invisible royalty - with audio
The oscillating universe - with audio
Digital reality with audio
Forever Eden with audio
Pravda with audio
Glanglish with audio
Scarlatti's cat - 
with audio
The check-out - with audio
The finite brain - with audio
8.8.88 - with audio
Silly farts - with audio
The contingent apple with audio
The profit of the beard with audio
What masterpiece? with audio
Spot the similarity with audio
Cacography with audio
Windy city with audio
Corporeal integrity with audio
Counting the cost with audio
Dire diary - with audio
Three sciences - with audio
Antics with audio
God in the body - with audio
The insolence of the inanimate - with audio
Hoardings - with audio
Stargazing - with audio
Truckling on - with audio
Nostalgia for Brezhnev - with audio
Dalliance - with audio
Booting up - with audio
Getting the idea 
- with audio

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